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  2. Quick Entry Check in Lightning — 26th April 2018
  3. Account Organizer, April 2018 News — 12th April 2018
  4. Dupe Alerts, List View Merge Buttons — 13th March 2018
  5. Dupe Alerts, Support for IN Operator — 2nd March 2018

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Jun 05

Entry Check in Lightning – New Release

DupeStatus Lightning 2

Entry Check Lightning Release With the latest Release the Entry Check App has not only adopted more of the Lightning Look and Feel, but we have also been able to provide more functionality in Lightning, so that you can migrate from Classic to Lightning without losing functionality, or if you start on Lightning to leverage …

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Apr 26

Quick Entry Check in Lightning


Quick Entry Check on the Lightning Home Page Similar to the functionality in Classic, it is now possible to add the Quick Entry Check component to the Lightning Home page, or anywhere else you like it. The Quick Entry Check component will allow you users to jump directly into the record creation process, from the …

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Mar 13

Dupe Alerts, List View Merge Buttons


List View Merge Buttons You may come across situation where you or end-users comes across duplicates while searching salesforce, and looking at list views. With the List View Merge Buttons for Lead, Contact and Account, you can provide the user with the ability to jump directly into the Merge Wizard from the list view. Available …

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Mar 02

Dupe Alerts, Support for IN Operator

Full support for IN operator in the Filter statements Although we already support the entire SOQL language in the filter statements, the IN operator has been supported, to filter on multiple fields. Where Country IN (‘USA’, ‘Canada’, ‘UK’, ‘France’) But the IN operator can also be used in more advanced queries, like if you want …

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Feb 27

Dupe Alerts, Release: February 2018


New Features and Functions -Lightning Ready, Improved Navigation -Redesign of the Merge Wizard, now including a Summary page where you e.g. can check if any of the 2 contacts are Portal Users -New List View Buttons, to enable your users to merge directly from the List Views or Search Results. -New DataTrim Matched Records Batch …

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Jan 23

Dupe Detection Upon Entry

Dupe Detection Upon Entry

DataTrim Dupe Alerts include a function: Dupe Detection Upon Entry which often is overlooked. The built-in search and matching functionality of the Dupe Alert App will at the entry of a new account/contact/lead make a thourough search for duplicates, and notify the user using the Dupe Status element on the account it-self. Notifying the user: …

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May 03

Dupe Alerts, Release: May 2017


New Features and Functions -Lightning Ready, Lightning Ready and Lightning Ready -Support for IN operator in the Filter statements -Performance improvements on the matching engine to decrease matching time for larger datasets Lightning Ready Following the advancement and development of the Lightning functionality of salesforce, we are now proud to announce that the DataTrim Dupe …

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Mar 23

Review & Merge : Collaboration

Review Field - Definition

With DataTrim Dupe Alert, Matching and Merging records is NOT limited to being a one-man’s Job. By intelligently segmenting your data into logical parts, you can match and review these parts separately. By involving multiple data-stewards and even end-users, you will improve the effectiveness of your cleaning process and increase your visibility to the cleaning …

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