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Jul 17

Matching – with Social CRM dupe check

Social CRM, blank

DataTrim Dupe Alerts also include the Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ references to better detect duplicates – all by Default. This functionality is already available, all you have to do is to go to the setup and provide field references to where you store your Social CRM data. This feature is of cause also …

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Jul 13

Matching – Cross checking phone numbers

Phone Cross Checking blank

In salesforce phone numbers are stored in multiple fields, and your contacts don’t always differentiate between an office phone and a mobile. We have often seen that Phone and mobile numbers are mixed around, or realizing that the phone number on one records is the mobile and on the other it is the office number. …

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Apr 19

Dupe Alerts, Spring Release 2016

Setup Step 1

Spring 2016 New Features and Functions: -Console Updated to Lightning Design, more interactivity and direct click-through to Matched Records -Dupe Alerts Results, incl analytics, and direct click-through to Matched Records -Quick Merge improved to also include an end-user oriented Review process. -Improved Initialization and first time setup process Console: Interactive and click through to Matched …

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Apr 18

DataTrim Dupe Alerts – Remote Site

22-04-2016 18-00-48

In our Spring 2016 release we have introduced a new function which dynamically can create List views on the Matched Records tab. The functionality requires access to the API and the web-server with the APIs to be listed in the Remote Site sections of your setup. You will therefore be required to do and verify …

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Nov 30

Entry Check, Release November 2015

EC Main Page, Lightning Experience

November 2015 New Features and Functions: -Updated Classic and Lightning Experience theme -Dynamic field Lists for search results (Accounts, Contacts and Leads) -Support for exclusion/suppression of reserved words -Improved search and match algorithms -Searches improved for partial searches Modern classic and Lightning Experience In this release we have adopted the design guidelines from the Lightning …

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Jun 02

NEW: DataTrim Dupe Alerts Console


Deduping your database is not just about setting up rules and merging duplicates; it is also about managing the process, knowing if everything is OK. With the Dupe Alerts Console, you get an overview of all your deduplication activities in one screen. Quick Status: I 4 simple figures will the console show you how many …

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Jun 02

DataTrim Dupe Alerts Initialization and Setup


After the installation is done BUT before you can start using the app,there are 3 steps to perform in completing the Initialization and Setup: 1) Add the license number provided by DataTrim. 2) Activate the subscription by Performing the OnBoarding Process. 3) Add the DataTrim IP addresses to your network access list. After the installation …

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Jun 01

Summer 15, Entry Check Bug fix


With the changes applied by salesforce for the Summer ’15 release: “Changes to Home Page Components” The Quick Entry Check, Home page component is prevented from working as before. We have therefore released a new version of Entry Check, which included the changes needed for you to keep having the Quick Entry Check functionality. Once …

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May 04

OnBoarding Failed: Send Email Failed

SendEmail Failed

If you have tried to perform the OnBoarding process for DataTrim Dupe Alerts in a Sandbox environment you may have encountered an error message: As the Error indicates: sendng out emails is not enabled for your (sandbox) org. SendEmail Failed: First Exception on row 0; first error: NO_MASS_MAIL_PERMISSION, single emails is note enabled for your …

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