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Mar 26

Record Merge and Update after activation of State and Country Pick-list feature

25-3-2015 17-29-50

Excluding fields from the merge process When updating account, contact or leads records salesforce will evaluate the values on the records to make sure that they conform to validation rules, and with the State and Country Pick-list feature enabled, the validation also takes place on the various state and country fields on the records. During …

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Mar 01

DataTrim Dupe Alerts Upgrade path – Spring 2015

permission sets

You may be on an older version of DataTrim Dupe Alerts. You subscription includes all new upgrades free of charge. Verify here for the latest version If you are not on the latest version you should upgrade for 2 reasons: 1) We make regular changes to our application to make sure that we constantly keep …

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Sep 16

Top 5 reasons why duplicates exists and keep accumulating


Building a client or prospect database has never been easier than with salesforce. In a few clicks you are up and running, entering you first data, sending out your first emails, receiving your first leads etc. It is all about business processes and how you more effectively can reply to inquiries, run your marketing campaigns, …

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Aug 27

Advanced Customization of DataTrim Entry Check

Custom Label 1

Custom Searching in Standard and Custom Fields As described further below you can now customize the list of fields being queried by Entry Check, this also allows for you to add your own search fields to the Entry Check Page. Imagine that you have a Vehicle registration number for your contacts, an Account number for …

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Aug 13

Marketing Automation – Data Care


Caring about your data is like caring about your children, nurture it, give it your attention, and fill in the gaps to make the road ahead less bumpy and to give them the chance to be successful. It is not automation and auto-pilot, same goes with your data. B2B data decays at 35-40% a year …

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Jul 15

Marketing Automation – Trust Your Data


Question: Would you buy a 50.000$ car, if you can’t trust the quality of the petrol you fill it up with? Would you implement a high-end marketing automation tool if you can’t trust the data you put into it? Consider these facts: 88% of all data integration projects run over budget  or fails due to …

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