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Sep 16

Top 5 reasons why duplicates exists and keep accumulating


Building a client or prospect database has never been easier than with salesforce. In a few clicks you are up and running, entering you first data, sending out your first emails, receiving your first leads etc. It is all about business processes and how you more effectively can reply to inquiries, run your marketing campaigns, …

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Aug 13

Marketing Automation – Data Care


Caring about your data is like caring about your children, nurture it, give it your attention, and fill in the gaps to make the road ahead less bumpy and to give them the chance to be successful. It is not automation and auto-pilot, same goes with your data. B2B data decays at 35-40% a year …

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Jul 15

Marketing Automation – Trust Your Data


Question: Would you buy a 50.000$ car, if you can’t trust the quality of the petrol you fill it up with? Would you implement a high-end marketing automation tool if you can’t trust the data you put into it? Consider these facts: 88% of all data integration projects run over budget  or fails due to …

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Jul 10

Reliable, Complete and Consistent data, -are you kidding me?


In an ideal world your data should be Reliable, Complete and Consistent but reality often shows that it is not. Reliability – your ability to base your business decision on your data Every day we make decision based on the information our solutions hold about our clients and leads, whether these decisions are simple auto-replies …

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Feb 04

Global Data – is your data quality up to it?

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Certain industries like Medical Devices are often challenged with a global database, and the management of the data becomes a choice between a centralized model and a team of distributed members where each member manages their local part of the data. These Data Stewards are challenged with 2 main issues: 1) How to ensure that …

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Dec 14

Data Stewardship – a new skill for your Linkedin profile?


“We should all be proud of adding Data Stewardship to your LinkedIn profile, or even better; having a friend endorsing our data stewardship, – wouldn’t that be cool?” Although the origin of the Steward originates from the house keepers and servants of old Scottish castles, the 21st century image of data stewards has nothing to …

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Dec 05

Merging Records – Survivorship considerations


“The ability to not only merge everything, but to be able to review and carefully merge not so obvious duplicates is essential in a deduplication process” -Deduplication is a 2 step process. First you define which records you want to match, and you apply some algorithms, match criteria or use tools like DataTrim Dupe Alerts …

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Sep 17

Deduping Candidates in a Recruitment Solution

candidates marve

Deduping candidates is a recruitment database isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially if number of candidates reaches a certain volume.  “Deduping candidates requires a more delicate and sophisticated matching process than when deduping business contacts” A traditional deduplication approach using a matching on first name, last name and email, or even including phone …

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