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Apr 15

ClickJack Protection, Spring ’14 – Entry Check


Spring ’14 With the Spring ’14 Release of salesforce, ClickJack Protection will be auto enabled. This may not mean a lot to you, but if you enable the ClickJack Protection, this means that salesforce no longer support the display of custom Visual Force pages on e.g. the Lead Detail page Layout. For Entry Check we …

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Aug 22

Case Story – AZZ, Inc.: Entry Check


Dupe Prevention in a market with many account locations Working with large corporations can be challenging when searching and when wanting to create new accounts for new divisions, locations, etc.  AZZ|WSI (a specialty repair and overhaul company) were looking for a smooth way of handling this, just until they came across DataTrim Entry Check, and …

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Aug 22

Case Story – Onstream Media Corp.: Entry Check


Preventing duplicates across sharing permissions Using salesforce in organization where the permission to records are limited based on organizational silos, Account Management models etc. can present a challenging when searching and when wanting to create new records.  A prospective company in one division could be and existing account in another.  Onstream Media Corp. (a leading …

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Mar 15

Preventing duplicates from entering salesforce

EC 15-4-2014 13-05-59

With DataTrim Dupe Alerts we have received a lot of good feedback saying that finally it is easy to clean up duplicate records in Salesforce. But why stop there, what if you could prevent the duplicates from entering into your database in the first place? Simply ask your users to search properly before they enter …

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