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Sep 11

Effective Dupe Prevention and Client Search – All in One!


Being able to prevent duplicates when creating new client records, and at the same time effectively identify if the client is an existing client were the essential requirements for the #2 Car Manufacturer brand in Ireland when they were looking for a simple way of handling this for their client facing team of users. They …

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Apr 15

Case Story – MEDA.: Custom Entry Check


Adopting Entry Check to work with Program Intake… Duplicates enter from many sources and with the power of the salesforce platform you can develop custom entry pages which collect data for the contact but also related data like cases, opportunities etc. from one single page. Mission Economic Development Agency in San Francisco (MEDA) (a community-based, …

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Sep 17

Deduping Candidates in a Recruitment Solution

candidates marve

Deduping candidates is a recruitment database isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially if number of candidates reaches a certain volume.  “Deduping candidates requires a more delicate and sophisticated matching process than when deduping business contacts” A traditional deduplication approach using a matching on first name, last name and email, or even including phone …

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Aug 22

Case Story – AZZ, Inc.: Entry Check


Dupe Prevention in a market with many account locations Working with large corporations can be challenging when searching and when wanting to create new accounts for new divisions, locations, etc.  AZZ|WSI (a specialty repair and overhaul company) were looking for a smooth way of handling this, just until they came across DataTrim Entry Check, and …

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Aug 22

Case Story – Onstream Media Corp.: Entry Check


Preventing duplicates across sharing permissions Using salesforce in organization where the permission to records are limited based on organizational silos, Account Management models etc. can present a challenging when searching and when wanting to create new records.  A prospective company in one division could be and existing account in another.  Onstream Media Corp. (a leading …

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