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Jan 26

How to understand which solution is the best for us?

Completness, Accuracy and Speed

Fuzzy Logic – Probabilistic Matching – Blocking and Scoring? We are often asked about our technology: Do you use Fuzzy Logic? Are you using Probabilistic Matching? What’s your process for Blocking and Scoring? etc. We normally take pride in protecting our end users from having to understand any of this, and for those who would …

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Feb 12

Dupe Analysis

11-2-2015 15-34-09a

Duplicates exists. Point! There is no way around it, they are there but do you know how the areintroduced, and how you can put solutions in place to prevent them from being created or solutions which will clean up your existing duplicates. Read more: Top 5 reasons why duplicates exists and keep accumulating. BUT…. Do …

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Nov 19

Getting the most out of your data


Your data is your most valuable asset, but is it AWESOME? AWESOME solutions are not working without the underlying data being reliable, complete and consistent, and data is rarely is …. data is often TERRIBLY AWESOME Ask yourself these 4 questions? Reliability Will it Work? Data needs to be managed, and the management should be …

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Aug 13

Marketing Automation – Data Care


Caring about your data is like caring about your children, nurture it, give it your attention, and fill in the gaps to make the road ahead less bumpy and to give them the chance to be successful. It is not automation and auto-pilot, same goes with your data. B2B data decays at 35-40% a year …

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