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Jan 26

How to understand which solution is the best for us?

Completness, Accuracy and Speed

Fuzzy Logic – Probabilistic Matching – Blocking and Scoring? We are often asked about our technology: Do you use Fuzzy Logic? Are you using Probabilistic Matching? What’s your process for Blocking and Scoring? etc. We normally take pride in protecting our end users from having to understand any of this, and for those who would …

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Nov 04

Matching Campaigns or Imports

DataSource Import

You might have realized that matching ALL records EVERY time, isn’t always the optimal way to perform your deduplication. You constantly run into those odd dupes which takes up all your time and prevent you from focusing on the new records you just added, or those that you want to use in your next campaign. …

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Aug 22

Optimizing the Matching Process


In a constant effort to improve the matching algorithms and make them better and better we continuously introduce new Advanced Parameters, for you to optimize the matching process. Our comparison routines are highly complex algorithms, which are capable of analysing the content of the fields and find the words which are the most significant and …

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Jul 17

Matching – with Social CRM dupe check

Social CRM, blank

DataTrim Dupe Alerts also include the Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ references to better detect duplicates – all by Default. This functionality is already available, all you have to do is to go to the setup and provide field references to where you store your Social CRM data. This feature is of cause also …

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Jul 13

Matching – Cross checking phone numbers

Phone Cross Checking blank

In salesforce phone numbers are stored in multiple fields, and your contacts don’t always differentiate between an office phone and a mobile. We have often seen that Phone and mobile numbers are mixed around, or realizing that the phone number on one records is the mobile and on the other it is the office number. …

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Dec 05

Merging Records – Survivorship considerations


“The ability to not only merge everything, but to be able to review and carefully merge not so obvious duplicates is essential in a deduplication process” -Deduplication is a 2 step process. First you define which records you want to match, and you apply some algorithms, match criteria or use tools like DataTrim Dupe Alerts …

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Sep 17

Deduping Candidates in a Recruitment Solution

candidates marve

Deduping candidates is a recruitment database isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially if number of candidates reaches a certain volume.  “Deduping candidates requires a more delicate and sophisticated matching process than when deduping business contacts” A traditional deduplication approach using a matching on first name, last name and email, or even including phone …

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