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Jul 10

Reliable, Complete and Consistent data, -are you kidding me?


In an ideal world your data should be Reliable, Complete and Consistent but reality often shows that it is not. Reliability – your ability to base your business decision on your data Every day we make decision based on the information our solutions hold about our clients and leads, whether these decisions are simple auto-replies …

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Feb 04

Global Data – is your data quality up to it?

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Certain industries like Medical Devices are often challenged with a global database, and the management of the data becomes a choice between a centralized model and a team of distributed members where each member manages their local part of the data. These Data Stewards are challenged with 2 main issues: 1) How to ensure that …

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Dec 14

Data Stewardship – a new skill for your Linkedin profile?


“We should all be proud of adding Data Stewardship to your LinkedIn profile, or even better; having a friend endorsing our data stewardship, – wouldn’t that be cool?” Although the origin of the Steward originates from the house keepers and servants of old Scottish castles, the 21st century image of data stewards has nothing to …

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